background_1The NSERC/CNRL/Xerox/McGraw Hill research chair team is innovating to design and develop methodologies and technologies for revolutionizing online education. The aim is to explore the untapped potential of existing and emerging technologies, such as smartphones and other mobile devices for use in higher education.

With the help of funding from Government of Canada, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Xerox Corporation and McGraw Hill, the team is developing technologies that will create an enriched, highly personalized learning experience using learning analytics– one that adapts to learners’ needs, puts course content in the context of day-to-day life, uses social networks and facilitates collaboration.

The overarching aim is to create an infrastructure that enables learners, teachers and trainers to engage in effective learning and instruction processes where learners and trainees undertake instructional activities in authentic on-site situations outside of classroom. This research program is focused on designing, developing and implementing ubiquitous learning analytics methods and techniques to investigate and analyze learning/training progress in authentic ubiquitous learning environments and enable instructional interventions as and when difficulties in the learning/training process are identified.