Project Associates


Chris Maton, Information Architect

Talented with systems administration and software development skills, Chris has brought extensive assistance to various researchers and research groups to promote the Faculty of Science and Technology which resulted in the advancement of our learning analytics projects and research. Read more


Dunwei Wen, Associate Professor

Dr. Dunwei Wen’s research includes Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Intelligent Control, and their application in business, industry and education. Read more

fuhua (oscar) lin

Fuhua (Oscar) Lin, Professor

Dr. Oscar Lin’s research focuses on Reasoning Capability of Intelligent agents, Immersive and Intelligent Educational Environments, and Complex Systems Modeling. Read more


Hazra Imran, Postdoctoral Fellow

Hazra Imran is a postdoctoral fellow at Athabasca University in Canada, funded by Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral fellowship program. Before, she worked as a faculty member of Computer Science at Pace Canada College, BC. Read more

Jon Dron

Jon Dron, Associate Professor

Dr. Jon Dron’s research interests broadly centre around social aspects of learning technologies, with a particular emphasis on discovering, designing and employing methods and technologies to enable learners to help each other to learn. Read more


Kinshuk, Associate Dean/Professor

Kinshuk’s Personal Website


Lanqin Zheng, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Lanqin Zheng currently works as a lecturer and supervisor for postgraduate at the School of Educational Technology in Beijing Normal University. She received her PhD from Beijing Normal University, China. Currently, Dr. Lanqin Zheng is a postdoctoral fellow supervised by Prof. Kinshuk at Athabasca University, Canada. Read more


Maiga Chang, Associate Professor

Dr. Maiga Chang’s research is focused on mobile learning and ubiquitous learning, museum e-learning, game-based learning, educational robots, learning behavior analysis, data mining, intelligent agent technology, computational intelligence in e-learning, and mobile healthcare. Read more


Martha Burkle, Visiting Professor

Dr. Martha Burkle’s research is focused on the implementation of technologies to innovate teaching and learning. Her main research interests lie in the area of the use of virtual environments for learners’ engagement, learning innovation, and the influence of technologies in cognitive abilities. Read more


Moushir M. El-Bishouty, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Moushir El-Bishouty’s research interests include technology enhanced learning, ubiquitous and mobile learning, adaptivity and personalization, knowledge awareness, software agents and collaborative learning. Read more


Qing Tan, Associate Professor

Dr. Qing Tan’s research interests include location-based adaptive mobile computing, location-based collaborative mobile learning, cloud computing, wireless sensors networks, cyber security, robot telepresence and augmented reality. Read more


Rita Kuo, Researcher

Dr. Rita Kuo’s research is focused on game-based learning, mobile and ubiquitous learning, behavior analysis, knowledge structure, automatic item generation, intelligent agent, data mining, and computational intelligent. Read more


Sabine Graf, Associate Professor

Dr. Sabine Graf’s research deals with adaptivity and personalization of learning technologies in different contexts, ranging from individual adaptation to collaborative technologies and from desktop-based to mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous scenarios. Read more


Ting-Wen Chang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Ting-Wen Chang’s research mainly focus on technology enhanced learning, adaptivity and personalization, user/student modelling, multimedia Learning instruction, multi-screen learning environment, and computer assisted instruction. Read more

Vive Kumar

Vive Kumar, Associate Professor

Vive Kumar’s Personal Website