National Palace Museum (NPM) Adventure

National Palace Museum Adventure can generate a series of learning activities according to users’ learning goal and the role they choose to play, for them to learn in museum. The game generates learning activities by calculating the similarity between the artifact’s features and the chosen learning goal.

This research designs a method to embed game elements into museum learning to provide students personalized learning experience and activities in a museum. A mobile educational role playing game called National Palace Museum Adventure has been implemented and a pilot has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of doing informal learning in the museum via the game-playing. The results show that the game does engage students doing learning activities in the museum continuously and help students learn the knowledge embedded in the artifacts. Many interesting and important findings have been found. For instance, the game does keep the students from leaving the museum and does keep them learning and playing in the museum. Moreover, the students do learn the knowledge associate with the artifacts but at meanwhile the students do treat the game a game. With such finding, museums and exhibitions may consider to provide their visitors similar mobile role playing game apps to not only make visitors learn something while visiting the places but also make them come again and again – to make informal learning continue and life-long.

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